About Us

Bamboo Green Florist was established in 1984, renowned as one of the most preferred florist in Malaysia with an enviable 36 years of extensive experience in floral arrangement. Founded by Amanda Quek, she is a designer free from preconceived rules and boundaries, her natural expertise, and 
artistic ability are skills that simply cannot be taught. The rest of the core teams (Madeleine, Audrey, Gerline) have been professionally trained trained and who are well versed in all aspects of floristry.


We value our floral heritage above all things, inspired by the generations of florists and designers that mastered the art.


Situated in the heart of Penang , Bamboo Green Florist client list is most impressive, yet the meticulous attention to detail and
unyielding commitment to quality is shown to all clients equally.


Whatever the occasion, our exquisite curated range of bouquets provide the perfect gift.  Our fresh flowers are handpicked and tastefully arranged to create the distinctive floral arrangements that celebrate your cherished occasion and events.


Please do not hesitate to drop us a message or pop over our store to have your bespoke floral arrangement today. The key to our imagination is YOU. Each client is truly at the heart of their flower.